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Illuminated LED Signs are a cost-effective way to illuminate your brand and create an impact.

LED uses 85% less energy than its equivalent fluorescent version, and doesn’t require replacing anywhere near as often.  The average lifespan of LED is 18 months, based on 12 hours of illumination per day, plus it comes with a 5-year warranty against failure.

LED Signs are a simple way to turn heads and are often used for:

•    Office branding
•    Exterior signage
•    Events & Exhibitions
•    Wayfinding

Our LED Illuminated Signage uses 12v and is IP rated to be used in damp conditions, meaning that you can create an impact both inside and out. Our engineers are fully trained in the installation of LED Signage and work to regulations.
Speak to our experts today to discuss how LED Signage can light up your business.



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