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Wayfinding Graphics and Signage are simply directional signs to help customers and team members to find their way. Applicable to all sectors including:

•    Events
•    Corporate
•    Retail
•    Property
•    Construction
•    Sport stadia
•    TV & Theatre

Graphics for wayfinding can be anything from simple arrows and footprints, to branded icons and characters; what’s important is that they convey information clearly and concisely to ensure that people who are unfamiliar with the surroundings can find their way.

It’s easy to take wayfinding for granted, as you know the area like the back of your hand; that’s why it’s important to plan your wayfinding and directional signage from the start and for people of all needs.

This is where our experts come in, we can help to map, design and manufacture impactful directional signage.  Speak to us today.

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